For Immediate Release


Temma Bell

Temma Bell will be having her 16th one woman show at the Bowery gallery, which she joined in 1970 . She had her first show at the Bowery Gallery in 1971 when it was on the Bowery and she had her family dog as protection. Since then the gallery has moved to three other locations and seems to have to be on the move again.

She its a native New Yorker, but has lived In Iceland, France and now resides in Delhi, upstate, New York. Her surroundings ,her family, the landscape, interiors, and the animals in her life continue to be her inspiration, believing that her eye hopefully will make sense of it all the complexities, inside and outside.

Her show will consist of recent landscapes of Delhi, family groups ,still lifes and self portraits.

The wonder of truly good painting is that a human eye can convey so comprehensive a grasp. Viewed together, Bell’s paintings suggest that it’s ultimately her affection for the subject (it can’t be simply calculation or preconception) that coheres the impulses of form-aided, of course, by her considerable abilities and abiding awareness of a formal language of paint.

Bell may well have inherited her indifference to passing trends from her parents Leland Bell and Louisa Matthiasdottir, both artists who also found inspiration in a renewal of painting traditions. Temma’s paintings, however, are more atmospheric and varied texturally than her mothers’, and they completely sublimate the unforgiving outlines of her fathers’. These latest paintings confirm that her work is entirely her own, and her directness-of purpose, perception, and means-vitalizes this show.”

—John Goodrich, Art Critical April 2003

“Temma Bell is a landscape painter whose high points bear comparison with the best of Dufy and Derain.”

—Jed Perl, New you modern painters, Spring 1998