For Immediate Release
May 2018

Rita Baragona


April 24 - May 19, 2018

Reception: April 28, 3 - 6 pm

Gallery Talk: May 19, 3:30 pm

Rita Baragona’s searches out rhythmic and luminous cadences in her ocean, landscape, and flower paintings and drawings. Her paintings are filled with melodic harmonies and colorful light. John Goodrich states, Even Baragona’s smallest subjects feel large. Incisive marks and notes of color impart a remarkable presence—volume, depth, height, buoyancy and weight. …One doesn’t think through such responses—one senses them, and absorbs the artist’s intense grasp of living nature.

In her most recent work, she asks, how much change do we ignore in differentiating objects? To this end, she paints her subjects as they change: sitting very still to see flowers bloom and wilt or the ceaseless turbulence of waves. She sometimes draws cumulative landscapes from a moving car. Her impulse is to see no separation between inner responses and outer existence; the regularity of her breathing and the irregular movement of her eyes merge with nature. With wonder in mind, she catching glimpses of non-sequential circular time which she calls when-ness. Thaddeus Radell says about her intention, Her paintings celebrate the abstract process of filtering her motifs through a deep visual meditation where abandonment, acceptance and reconciliation of the senses unite, to yield intensely colorful, joyous images.

View of works in the exhibition here.

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