For Immediate Release
June 2020


New Bowery Artists on Artsy

June 2 – 30, 2020

Online Exibition on Artsy

Six new gallery artists will have work in Bowery Gallery’s first online group show. Included in the exhibit are Robert Braczyk, Glen Cebulash, Audrey Cohn-Ganz, Colleen Franca, Dorothy Frey and Gael Mooney

Whether painting a landscape, a figure, or a cathedral Gael Mooney explores the expressive power of light to transform the everyday so as to afford a glimpse of the hidden beauty contained in all things.

Working from memory or observation of her surroundings Dorothy Frey amplifies and exaggerates forms, spatial tensions, and color to serve as metaphors for individualized experiences.

Colleen Franca focuses on landscapes, still lives, and portraits. She paints directly from life using traditional methods of direct observation. “Capturing the light is for me everything”.

Audrey Cohn-Ganz is interested in the interplay between geometry, color, shapes and the particularities of the space and the specific light.

Glen Cebulash trained as an objective painter and for many years developed his work as such. He currently identifies himself as a “non-objective painter” who is still moved by and interested in all the same things when making a painting, but is “a bit more objective about it” as he puts it.

Robert Braczyk uses elements cut from tree branches to make sculptures that are hands-on dialogues with nature. He works to keep three dimensionality vital in a world that is being consistently flattened out.