For Immediate Release
March 2018

Dena Schutzer

Wash & Fold

February 27- March 24, 2018

Reception: March 1, 2018 5-8pm

Dena Schutzer's third solo show at the Bowery Gallery highlights the rapid embrace of life seized in paintings and etchings. The subject of much of the work is of moments observed in a Yonkers laundromat. "A local laundromat was my source, a place to watch for action that I could twist into a composition. I was attracted to the intimate displays of basic struggle to maintain order and dignity. The handling of fabrics that we cover, dry, and wrap our bodies in is private yet becomes shared in public."

Other paintings in this show reflect Schutzer's interest in quiet visual excitements of daily life; a man resting his head on a soda bottle in a public park, a mother's tired and slightly impatient gesture in carrying a child or the rhythmic blue shapes of a group of policemen during a break.

In an essay for the show catalog Simon Carr writes "The genius of these paintings is their Janus-like ability to face both the seen and the viewer, to bring us close to apparently mundane events, then, turning to us, reveal them as profoundly structured".

Dena is the Art Dept. Chair at Heschel High School in New York City.

View of works in the exhibition here.

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